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Versatile : The device comes in one size only, but can be used to produce any quantity of sclerosing foam of variable density. STERIVEIN® and SCLERIVEIN® are used with syringes with a capacity of between 2 and 10 ml. They can be used with any type of sclerosant injection technique : by direct needle injection or with a catheter, by conventional sclerotherapy or ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy.

Easy-to-use : the STERIVEIN® and Sclerivein® are very easy to manipulate and can be used in all the usual therapeutic
indications of sclerotherapy.

Economical : in contrast to expensive systems with electronic components, the STERIVEIN® and Sclerivein® systems require no initial investment.

The density of the foam can be altered during the procedure, to create a fluid foam, a very firm foam or any chosen density between the two.

The STERIVEIN® can produce sterile foam using filtered, sterilised atmospheric air, but it is also possible to use a different sterile gas.

No need to invest in expensive stock : STERIVEIN® and Sclerivein® are sold as single units in pharmacies. It is possible
to prescribe them at the same time as the liquid sclerosants and the other products required for the sclerotherapy session.

Extremely short preparation time : only a few seconds are required to take up the sclerosing product, then the air and to produce the foam by moving the plunger of the syringe back and forth rapidly 2 or 3 times.

Hygienic : each unit is packaged singly in a standard sterile wrapper. It is strictly for use on one patient only ; it is disposable and non-reusable.