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The STERIVEIN is a sterile single-use device that enables sterile foam of variable consistency to be produced from a
liquid sclerosant with surfactant properties.

Depending on the quantity of foam to be produced, the same device can be used with 2 ml, 5 ml or 10 ml syringes.

Each doctor should be able to produce suitable high-quality foam, based on his or her own knowledge and the operating procedure provided, that will depend on the extent and size of the varicose veins to be treated (see "Detailed information" for full explanations on the use and development of the foam).


The Sclerivein was developed from the STERIVEIN. It can be used to produce non-sterile sclerosing foam very economically.

The physical characteristics of the foams produced with the STERIVEIN and the Sclerivein are identical.

Health professionals are not obliged to keep a large stock of products in their consulting rooms. Indeed, the STERIVEIN and Sclerivein devices are available from pharmacies. Patients can buy them on presentation of a simple prescription from their
Angiologist/Phlebologist, which can include other products required for the Sclerotherapy procedure, such as liquid sclerosants, bandages,  cotton wool, alcohol, micropore tape and compression hosiery.