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Nous vous présentons ci-dessous le protocole à respecter pour réaliser la mousse sclérosante stérile avec le STERIVEIN. Le procédé de moussage est exactement le même pour le Sclerivein.

1 Take a 2.5 ml, 5 ml or 10 ml syringe, preferably a two-part syringe. Draw up the dose of sclerosant required, either neat or diluted in NaCl or H2O.
2 Open the sterile packaging of the STERIVEIN. Remove the device. Unscrew the cap on the tube end.
3 Connect the STERIVEIN to the syringe that was previously filled with the dose of sclerosant. Unscrew the cap on the air filter and draw the chosen volume of sterile air or gas into the STERIVEIN.
4 Screw the cap back on the air filter to seal the unit. At this stage, another syringe may be prepared, ready for use, before starting the foam formation step, or the air filter can be disconnected in order to use it to prepare a second syringe, or more, for the same patient.

Press the plunger firmly a few times to produce the foam : press the plunger in as far as it will go, so as to transfer all the liquid and sterile air or gas into the tubing of the STERIVEIN and pull back to the 2 ml or 5 ml graduation before disconnecting.

If using a 10 ml syringe, in order to start the foaming process it is necessary to hit the plunger of the syringe violently in the palm of the right hand with the STERIVEIN held firmly in the left hand, or on a hard surface (such as a table). The rest of the foam formation process is the same as described above.

6 A more compact foam is obtained by altering the ratio between the dose of liquid sclerosant and the volume of sterile air or gas. See the table for the volumes of sclerosant and sterile air or gas to use to alter the consistency of the foam.
7 Check the quality of the foam obtained.
8 Connect the needle to the syringe.
9 Start injecting the foam, if possible under ultrasound guidance, either by direct needle injection or by means of a short or long
catheter, depending on the individual case.